1. What is it even famous for?

credit: the telegraph

Angkor Wat, national symbol represented in the flag, in Siem Reap.

2. Temples are just rocksssssssssss

credit: Pinterest

The grand gate of Bayon, a gateway to the Angkor Archaeological Park

3. Temples are all the same!

credit: asienreisender

The Angkor Archeological Park in a picture. (Just some of the temples)

4. Foods aren’t that great

credit: goankhmerunited

Cambodia could be a hidden gem if you’re an enthusiast of STREET FOOD.

credit: adventureinyou

Amok is one of the most favourite dishes visitor never forget to try!

credit: urbanadventures

What is know for the weird Cambodian cuisine is the insect eating tradition. Angelina Jolie approved.

5. What to even do with that big fresh water lake?

credit: eternalasiatravel

Be hold, the floating village of Tonle Sap.


6. People aren’t friendly

credit: mekongtourism

Cambodians are ranked among the most friendliest nation on earth. You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰

7. They don’t even speak English!

credit: awesomeinventions

Not English.

8. Cambodians aren’t festive tho

credit: myanmarexplorers

Khmer New Year, Water Festival, Pchum Ben, Royal Plowing, even Lunar New Year. Not festive. Nope.

9. No natural landscape. At all.

credit: brendancaffrey

Kampong Trach, Kampot.

credit: thecambodiaherald

Areng Valley.

credit: khmereye

Sea Forest, Mondulkiri.


10. Ugly beaches. Ugh.

credit: kohrongisland.org

An ugly beach on Koh Rong island, Sihanoukville.


11. You can’t practically go anywhere!

credit: ytimg

The newly launched chartered train en route from Phnom Penh – Takeo – Kampot – Sihanoukville that can’t take you places.

credit: Ministry of Public Work and Transport

12. The city literally has nothing to offer.

credit: senweltours

The Royal Palace, Phnom Penh.

Oh, and behind that, is the National Museum πŸ˜€

13. No cityscape

credit: brucedvphoto

Not cool. at all.

14. No nightlife

credit: asiawebdirect

Very quiet at night. Totally.

15. Never. Visit. Cambodia.

credit: brucedvphoto


Inspired by:Β BuzzFeed

PS: this article is made to promote tourism in Cambodia and not to defame. Do not misunderstand.

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15 thoughts on “15 Reasons To Never Visit Cambodia

  1. For those negative comments… Please learn more about irony and implied meaning. This article is to promote Cambodia in a style that has answers to the ironic sub-topics…. I hope you learn more before discriminating the writer’s work. Give him some credits!


  2. Nth surprised about this article. I am so into traveling and read a few of these kind of article already. 3 words for the writer. Good Job! Attractive!

    And i just hope some people see thing beyond the cover or just read first before posting such a cmt.


  3. Right after seeing the title, I was like what had happened to my country again. πŸ˜‘ Damn! I was tricked! Using this way to write an article is way TOO COOL 😍


  4. The title and the content are completely different. You should never said or wrote something like that. It is against the reality. Bad is bad. Good is good. Not good is bad or bad is good. The title is bad, but the content is good. Think about it! Thanks


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